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  1. really nice website. best wishes!

  2. An amazing and peaceful music. Just Love it. Well done. It is enchanting my soul.

  3. You gave me the No Doubt CD at the magical Ozora. I’ve been listening to it a few times since and have been thoroughly enjoying it! Nice composition and nice performance and production. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful music!


  4. Спасибо за вашу работу, за ваше творчество! Я в полном восторге от альбома No Doubt! Вы невероятные! Удачи вам ребята и новых музыкальных свершений!

  5. estetyczna stronka i świetna muzyka, czyli dobre połączenie ; ) pozdrowienia

  6. jeśli muzyka ma być poszukiwaniem, pragnieniem ukojenia, ostoją spokoju, ładunkiem emocji – to Dhuna jest odpowiedzią. ja w Waszej twórczości znalazłam to, czego potrzebowałam. oby WIĘCEJ móc Was słyszeć NA ŻYWO! polecam wszystkim i niech wszyscy usłyszą! pozdrawiam! 😉

  7. Thank you for what you are doing! I hope to hear you again at some festival or concert! I wish you all the best! I will recommend Dhuna to everyone! 🙂

  8. It’s a real music passion! Good luck! xx

  9. Bardzo fajna muzyczka, znam sporą część z twórczości Dhuny. Polecam i czekam na kolejne produkcje. Ihaaa…………:)

  10. Good Luck to all of You. Jestescie wielcy, bo podążacie za marzeniami i pasją! Gratuluje!!!!!
    Dziękuję!! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!

  11. Radosna i ciekawa muzyka w wykonaniu zarówno samego Dhuny jak i jego calego zespołu, gratulacje, czekamy na trasę koncertową w Polsce!!! Kawał dobrej roboty. Oby tak dalej..:) Trzymamy kciuki!!!

  12. super muza,tak trzymaj 🙂

  13. fantastycznie gracie ,jestem twą wielką fanka pozdro 😛

  14. Massive influence and ambient style ,love in it , great and inspiring ,big up to Darek and Lukas.
    P.S Zainspirowany na MAXA !!!!

  15. Muza kozak i wielki talent !!!!

  16. Love the tunes. chilling my beans. getting me so right. nice one

  17. Awsome…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I danced in the rain when they were playing at Shattered Barriers…I went specifically to see them and was totaly blissed out and blown away.. I had the pleasure of Darius sending me the first 2nd CD released and signed by him with a beautiful note….
    BUY THE NEXT ONE! I will!!!!!!
    Peace,bliss, wonderful music which has a soul!

  18. Really beautiful music:)Best wishes to you!x

  19. I was lucky enough to meet Darius and discover his bands music. This is precisely the kind of stuff I like. Mellow, calm, and a good mix of old instruments and new, synthesized sounds. Better yet, this kind of music with vocals are even better!

    I hope you all go far, and keep making quality stuff.

  20. I just bought your CD! I couldn’t stop listen to it:) Is perfect,speaking to my soul:) Many thanks for it!I am looking forward to see yours performing!

  21. Obsession worth envy 🙂

  22. it enchanted me deeply once i’ve heard your vibe. i’d love to hear you live!!! <3

  23. jaw dropping music

  24. Lovely stuff. 90′ psychedelia at its best! Well done and good luck!

  25. Amazing music, and I like the website!! Keep going guys!

  26. It’s realy cool music, like flying in the space without any resistance

  27. Will be listening to these while online.. love these ambient sounds.. cool, easy on the soul.

  28. Lovely spacious music, makes you drift somewhere into another dimension. Well done, guys!

  29. Dhuna – świetny projekt. Trzymam kciuki.

  30. Really impressed! Well done!

  31. Thank you for the beautiful music and floating vocals….Space experience extraordinaire… Stimulating!

  32. Thank you for the wonderful sounds, an awesome production guys, well done and much love to you all. 🙂 xxx

  33. Beautiful and deep music. Love the tunes. I’d love to hear you live!!!

  34. great music, very good to dream away and spend some time in another world…:)
    thx a lot for it!!!!!

  35. Nice one guys .
    C u in Poland on GoaDupa Festival

  36. Great people, great music x

  37. Remarkable impression, created with simple and beautiful principles. For Art. For people. This is what music should be. You guys are awesome! I recommend to everyone!

    PS. Can’t wait for a gig organised by you.
    Niech Żyje DHUNA!

  38. Another time thank you. You guys created an unforgettable experience for me at solstice, and your music brings it all back. Thank you for being you and keep up the awesome work!

  39. Had the pleasure to spend some time with the band during the Poland tour.
    To keep it short: had a great time with nice, talented and highly motivated musicians that should have gotten much more attention in the past. But I think it is the main reason why they kept their full influence on the music, independent from the music business….
    I hope to hear also more dynamic tunes in future, as Dariusz mentioned to be working on, and (if allowed) I would suggest to work closely with Rena on this, I had no second to rest during her ass kicking set on GOA DUPA ( thx for this :* @ Rena …)

  40. No Doubt – I really like this one. Recommended for every chillout fan!!

  41. There is something in your music which calms my mind, makes my body move and brings warmness in hart 🙂 Thnx

  42. Cd jest super. Powodzeniaaa

  43. Very Very nice job, I love this space music. Congrats.

  44. Hi Dariusz. Thanks for sharing your music – you have some great sounds and production! Good to meet you at the Spring solstice!

  45. Brawo, Gratuluje art

  46. No proszę. Autor plus 5.

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